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You invest,
We make it work. 

The stock market is broken. 75% of retail investors lose money while others invest in passive funds that kill innovation and enforce the status quo. Crysp is a new financial vehicle that combines the predictability of index funds with the personalization of active stock picking. 
The new investment paradigm

Community driven social investing

We aim to grow your capital over the long term by following our time-tested investment strategy: identifying the right alerts to listen to on social media, backed by fundamental analysis and quantatative trading models.  
We constantly test the performance of millions of your favorite trading communities on Twitter, Discord and Reddit to identify the top performers and share their alpha with you based on their alerts. 
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How it works

Invest with communities you love while outperforming the market

| 01   Sign up and deposit
Open your Crysp account and deposit your funds. Crysp is currently offering an invite-only beta.
| 02   Personalize alpha
Download the Crysp Finance app, personalize your stream of alpha by selecting your favorite trading communities or let Crysp choose for you from Reddit, Twitter and Discord. 
| 03   Execute trades
Select your favorite stocks and execute trades directly on the app. Crysp deploys quant strategies to build a mini index fund around every stock you buy to make sure you outperform the market while investing in companies you love.
| 04   Track performance
See how a traditional stock position compares to a Crysp-indexed (Cryspified) position. Crysp shows you how a standard position performs in comparison to your Cryspified position.
| 05   Share with friends
Crysp encourages you to share your alpha with friends. See how your friends are improving over time and share alpha directly on the app.
| 06   Build the rocketship
Share feedback on our Discord, or in-app as we embark on this journey to fix the stock market. Let's build a market that challenges the status quo, and puts retail investors first. 

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ

Algorithmic Trading

Market leading 
investment strategies

We use quantitative analysis to build mathematical strategies that rely on historical price patterns. Our portfolio suggestions are structured in a way that balances the risks of community-driven investments by deploying conservative hedging strategies. This allows us to help you build your portfolio in a consistent, repeatable, and scalable way.
How it works

Apply to join beta

Join our members-only investing app and become a better investor overnight. We accept members on a rolling basis as we continue to test and develop Crysp towards launch. Our most important goal is to see our users make money, and we are working every day to make that vision a reality.
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