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Make your investments market-neutral

Any single stock purchase you make on Crysp is downside protected with an automated hedging strategy tailored to individual risk tolerances. This allows our users to potentially earn profits when the market declines. 

The Platform

Through the Crysp app, you can find alpha and stock picks, execute trades, ask questions on the fly, and hear directly from your investment team.


Crysp is revolutionizing investing by deploying automated strategies to make average retail investors trade like Wall Street pros. Learn about technical indicators, hedging and portfolio diversification all while building your own portfolio. 

Technical Analysis

Receive automatic suggestions based on real-time analysis of hundreds of technical indicators covering: trend following, oscillators, volatility and support/resistance. 

Portfolio Diversification

Review your portfolio in comparison the diversification of traditional ETF's and Index Funds such as the S&P500. Receive automated suggestions to balance your portfolio.

Hedging Strategies

Automated hedging strategies suggest a series of short positions to pare with your long. Suggestions are based on years of data from Crysp's social quant fund.
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