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  • What does Crysp do?
    Crysp is a commission-free trading platform that supplements your trading decision with personalized investment strategies to help you become better investors. Crysp also provides a data feed to help you find trading ideas. Crysp does not manage your capital, but helps you manage your capital in a more responsible way. Crysp suggests anything from portfolio diversification ideas, to hedging strategies and technical analysis. For example: Jonny wants to buy GameStop when it is at +80% for the day, Jonny will receive a pop-up from Crysp saying we strong suggest to wait until the stock drops 12% before opening a position based on real-time technical analysis. Crysp also suggests Jonny to set a 10% stop-loss on the trade and to invest half of what he originally intended to in GameStop.
  • How much money can I invest with Crysp?
    Crysp is currently offering access to an invite-only alpha version. Within this version we are only accepting small amounts of capital - up to $10. As our platform evolves we will remove the deposit limit so that you can invest whichever amount you feel comfortable with.
  • Why should I invest with Crysp and not Betterment, Titan or Goldman Sachs?"
    Crysp is the only broker/dealer that allows you to make your own decisions, while helping you outperform the market. Crysp deploys both algorithmic and fundamental event-driven investment strategies with a unique focus on community-driven social investments. Crysp tracks millions of data points on social media to deliver an investing experience that not only grows your capital and outperforms indexes like the S&P500, but also keeps you up-to-date and connected to your favorite financial communities on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube or Discord.
  • How liquid is my capital?
    With Crysp, you can add capital instantly and withdraw within 2-4 business days. We don’t believe in locking up your money. However, we strongly encourage you to have the perspective of a long-term oriented investor with patient capital.
  • How will my portfolio be allocated?
    That's up to you! All we can do is suggest. At the end of the day you can build whichever portfolio you feel comfortable with on Crysp.
  • Can I invite my friends to join Crysp?
    Within Crysp's alpha version existing members can invite their friends to join. Simply share with them the sign up link at and direct them to share your name when depositing. Note their capital will only be accepted by Crysp if they provide a referrer name or are in our alpha member existing lists.
  • How do you decide what to suggest?
    Crysp's fundamental and quant investment strategies are managed directly by our CIO, a hedge fund manager. An award-winning Economist and Data Scientist with over a decade of investment experience across several asset classes. Crysp's investments are further supported by our R&D team building algortihmic community-driven strategies that are deeply embedded with social media analysis. The combination of event-driven fundmanetal strategies with algorithmic trading models create a unique hedge that allows Crysp to consistently outperform the market.
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