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Kenny Powers NFT

The 0.5 ETH you spend to mint the Kenny NFT are invested into off-chain securities picked by the Kenny Algo. Kenny NFT holders receive access to our members-only app that tracks equity holdings of the Kenny Algo. Members can redeem the financial NFT at any time in exchange for the current dollar value of the Kenny Portfolio. 

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How it works

Unique redeemable financial NFT's powered by the CRYSP protocol that are backed by off-chain equities correlated to the performance of your favorite stock gurus

Limited Collection of NFT's

Mint your Kenny NFT by clicking "MINT" above and connecting your crypto wallet. These NFT's are your access card to the Kenny Algo.

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ERC-721 Smart Contract

Your 0.5 ETH are converted into USD at the current exchange rate (~1,000 USD) and invested into the Kenny Algo. Read more in the CRYSP protocol white paper.

Proprietary Trading Algorithm

The Kenny Algo is a developed by the Crysp DAO. This algorithm tracks @MrKennethPowers on Twitter and Discord, buying and selling equities based on alerts with an objective to outperform the market.

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Unparalleled Liquidity

The Kenny NFT can be redeemed at any time for current portfolio dollar value as it appears on the members app. By redeeming the Kenny NFT, your are opting to liquidate the algo equity holdings and you will receive their dollar value back directly to your bank account.  

Membership Entrance

Already hold the Kenny Algo NFT? Authenticate your NFT, access the members app and track the Kenny Algo's portfolio value.

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