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I know I know, you missed me last week. A few months back we set a goal to build something remarkable. A product that will re-engineer the stock market, that will inject innovation back into the macro, and capital back into the micro ($$$ into retail investors wallets). We dreamed of a product that infuses the social functionality of eToro and StockTwits, with the social UX of An app that combines the predictability of money managers like Vanguard, Wealthfront or Betterment with the transparency and UX of Titan. An investment app that gives you a sense of freedom, and choice like Robinhood. All powered by advanced algorithmic strategies that power cutting-edge companies like Numerai or Composer so that you




Well, we built it. Surprisingly enough we were approved by the App Store and the Google Play store although we have alot of work to do on the regulatory side (bd/ria/roboadvisor license). This version of Crysp if far from ready for mass-market (don’t you dare share with your friends) and is a closed version for your eyes only.

When you scroll through the trending feed you’re presented with the top stock alerts across Twitter, Reddit and Discord. These alerts are picked by our algorithms scraping and backtesting hundreds of thousands of posts daily across the web. In the feed you can review when the stock was first alerted, and what happened since. But that’s just for kicks.

Our real product lies in the “BUILD POSITION” functionality. Clicking that button will trigger a unique algorithm that hedges that position in real-time, based on over a dozen unique parameters (macro, stock news, events etc.). That will then lead you to a page featuring how the stock is performing aside it’s Crysp-hedged version.

Retail investors don’t (and will never) give a flying f*ck about sharpe ratio, implied volatility or beta. What they do care about is buying stocks that do better than their friends. They want to take their glorious Cryspified position and show their friends how it outperforms their peasant long position 10 or 20x.

Today we launched the most basic functionality of the product, primarily protecting downside risk. But in the not-so-distant future (next week) we will continue to push quant strategies that adjust themselves in real-time based on the users portfolio, and the macro conditions. Protecting downside risk is nice, but we’re going to maximize upside potential. The combination is difficult, but with the troves of data we’re collecting, and the combined decades of quant and fundamental experience of our team: we will get there sooner then you think.

Next up: we will invite a closed group of friends and family to manage capital on the app itself. Shoot me an email if you’d like to try it out.

I’m excited. You?


p.s. - loading times take approx FOREVER but give me a break this is not easy. I promise to fix by next build.

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