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Fire everyone!

I think the natural response for any first-timer using ChatGPT is: it’s over. Over the past few months this new tech has aggressively incorporated itself into my day-to-day activities.

I wouldn’t say I adopted it, as much as it adopted me. For everything I do, I live and breathe with a lingering feeling in my mind, like that feeling of a task you have to do but are not sure quite what. In this case it’s: “should I reeeeeally be doing this? Or can AI do this for me?”. In most cases, it’s the latter. That’s why I loved working on this Cryspy new feature over the past couple of days.

I always knew the data our quant fund generates is valuable. I also always knew the average consumer would never take the time to sort and filter through the lengthly excels and formulas it spits out. So what did we do way back in the ancient times of 2022? Put together a three conversational templates for how to share complex quant data in consumer-friendly twitter sized bytes. Behold the result:

Beautiful, eh? Yeah maybe for the 2022 caveman Dolev. I’ve evolved, and the AI-enhanced me has a much higher bar of what type of content I am willing to deal with. It needs to be MORE consumer-friendly, MORE engaging, MORE clear. Hence, the new Crysp feed, powered by the latest VC hype cycle - Generative AI:

We’re doing two things at Crysp. The first - using quant models to curate stock alerts while providing simple analysis for retail investors to make more insightful decisions. The second - apply hedging strategies in real-time to make sure the choice of the retail investor is good in the long-run. The result? As opposed to other investment platforms (*ehm* RH) retail investors actually make money on Crysp.

And we’re just getting started…


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