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The Crysply News: 65% Conversion Rate!

To our dear readers wondering about the subject of this email - the answer is NO, I did not miss a decimal point in the title. A whopping 65% of users who clicked to our landing page signed up for our waitlist. This funnel begins with our Twitter page @furualerts that has a devoted following of micro-influencers from the retail investor crowd.

This tells me two things:

  1. We found our early adopters.

  2. We found a value proposition they love.

The macro events of the past two years have created the perfect storm for Crysp. Retail investors flooded the market in the unparalleled bull run of 2020. As the market cooled down late 2021 and finally came to a halt in 2022, the “lucky” retailers who had no real interest in the stock market were naturally filtered out while the ones remaining today are investors who are truly passionate about the stock market. These retail investors are curious, adaptive to new technologies, and similar to institutional investors - always looking for an edge.

Over 70% of users who navigated to our landing page viewed our explainer video, which emphasizes two of our core value propositions: (a) centralized alpha feed with only the best posts from Twitter, Reddit and Discord (b) direct indexing for every stock you pick - Crysp trims, hedges and limits your position so that your $GME long becomes less of a retail fueled yolo and more of a thoughtful institutional-grade position (Melvin cap not included).

This week we shift our focus to top-of-the-funnel. How do we get more retail investors to our landing page? Given our results shared on last week’s newsletter I’m bullish on the embedded multi-player approach (micro-influencers), money is a medium of exchange and therefore is inherently multiplayer - we need to find our angle into that.



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