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The Crysply News: A New Way to Invest

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Hey friends, we've touched down in TEL AVIV! Remote work works, but taking on the multi-trillion dollar mutual fund industry by ushering a new financial vehicle to overtake index funds and inject innovation and humanity back into the stock market (see "It's Time to Fix the Stock Market") requires some face time as well. It's an amazing feeling to sit in a room together and release Crysp 1.0 to the App Store (fresh footage below):

I’m a little late with this one but I’ll make it up to you with a BIG announcement in celebration of my TENTH letter! With close to 300 users on our waitlist (organic), millions of daily views on our Twitter page (organic too) and years of data directly from our fund, I couldn’t be more excited to release Crysp 1.0 to the App Store.

This app allows users to automatically build diversified baskets around securities of their choice, that outperform traditional performance of ‘naked’ long positions. This early version of Crysp also includes access to a unique feed of alpha featuring signals that the Crysp quant fund picks up in real time. With a smooth and simple user experience these signals are transformed into visualized data such as historical performance of the stock since that specific alert, and since the first time the stock was mentioned. This new version of Crysp offers personalization in the form of Watchlist and Following tabs, where users can track securities they are interested in, and alpha sources they trust.

The user experience is simple: when entering the Crysp app our users are introduced to a curated list of recommended stock picks based on algorithmically chosen alerts from social media, users swipe left on alerts to build a unique position, and within minutes Crysp recommends a diversified portfolio, with a majority of the position directed towards a traditional long position, and the rest invested into a basket that may include other long positions, short positions, traditional index funds, high-frequency strategies and even option strategies. Users can track directly on the app how the suggested portfolio performed historically against the naked security, and how it is performing every day in comparison.

With inflation now at a 41-year high investors are increasingly thinking about how they can invest more intelligently going forward. Crysp was born out of a need to allow retail investors to engage in a systematic, diversified style of investing that was previously off limits to the majority of investors due to knowledge gaps, research costs, and analytical skills required. Looking at this early version of Crysp I’m thrilled to see our vision coming to life: giving users the choice to review curated alpha and make their own decisions, while deploying automated investment strategies that help them capture the upside while protecting their downside risk.

Crysp offers users the ability to build unique backtested positions based on their sector and risk preferences. Our in-house investment team sources ideas from academic research and the work of well-known investment funds (aside our own) to provide personalized strategies built around each investor and security. Over the coming months we will share new strategies as we offer sector-by-sector coverage across the entire US equities landscape (and even more).

Rosh HaShana Sameach!


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