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The Crysply News: Crysp-verified Finfluencers

“Look mommy! I’m famous” is just one of many mentions our twitter page has been receiving on a daily basis over the last couple of months. These are retweets from micro-influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers that are proud to be featured on Crysp. These financial influencers have far more followers than our page - yet they take pride in the objective source of validation Crysp provides them.

As we maintain a conversion rate of above 60% on the Crysp landing page our focus has shifted to driving organic traffic from social networks to our website. More specifically - leveraging channel partnerships across all social media (Reddit, YouTube, Twitter etc). Every consumer fintech app flushed with cash is chasing finfluencers, offering referral fees and paid partnerships. Naturally, these partnerships are key to us too, but not at all cost. For me, the challenge is identifying a product offering that will make these micro-influencers take pride in sharing Crysp with their friends. Finding an organic driver that will deliver the network effects I am looking for in scale. This serves two goals: (1) it allows us to aggressively validate features for our MVP - if it’s not exciting enough for them to share it’s not good enough (2) finding a distribution channel.

Over the past two years, the Crysp quant fund has been leveraging data from social media, so naturally our signals and alpha can always be traced back to a specific post, influencer or group discussion. Making that data public, and giving this influencer credit where credit is due generates a sense of respect, and provides these financial influencers the external validation and legitimacy they so deeply desire. Hence, our distribution strategy: Crysp Verified.

Crysp’s algorithms runs across social media to call out and determine who provides the highest quality alpha, and as a result - who the best financial influencers are. This creates a win-win: influencers tag us to get on our radar, and share our validation with their followers as a source of pride - while we get free channel partnerships that lead to app downloads from users hungry for more alpha. Crysp’s core product offering is to allow investors (and traders) to actively participate in the stock market without losing money (or with losing less), and the most basic enabler of this is providing our users with access to high-quality alpha. Aside from the obvious technical uses, keeping tabs and publicizing where our alpha is coming from is generating the network effects we’ve been looking for.

And to our dear readers who are active on Twitter - keep doing what you’re doing and maybe some day you’ll wake up to be Crysp-verified yourself.

Until next week,


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