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The Crysply News: Investor #1

Dear friends and family,

As I’ve been truly humbled and overwhelmed by your accelerating offers and introductions to investors over the past few weeks I’d like to take a moment to sync on our strategy. Many of you have invested capital in Consilium’s flagship quant fund which is the algo fund that Crysp spun out from. While Consilium’s investors are near and dear to our hearts and we would not have been able to build Crysp without you, we are working hard to be extremely intentional and accurate with Crysp’s fundraising. Please limit introductions only to investors who can provide strategic value. Regardless, as mentioned in our private discussions we will make room for Consilium’s LP’s in a dedicated SVP during our first institutional round a little further down the road.

For now: I am raising the minimum amount of capital required in order to bring Crysp to undeniable product-market-fit. What’s undeniable? Robinhood’s 1M waitlisted users, Facebook's viral university network, or Stripe’s unbeatable word-of-mouth spread. To do this we will accept one check from a strategic investor who will be the first member to join Crysp’s board of directors, this will be someone who has served on the boards of consumer giants, ideally in our industry. To name a few: Robinhood (Chad @ Susa), Betterment (Jason Calacanis), Father, Wealthfront, Titan (Anish @ a16z), Numerai (Andy @ Union Square Ventures) and SoFi (Rex @ Cambrian). Newer companies include Composer (Meka @ First Round) and Pebble. Quantopian is also a great example (raised multiple rounds from a16z but eventually shut down). I will continue to meet with investors who fit the above criteria, and will take all the time necessary to find the perfect candidate.

I deeply appreciate those of you who have offered to generously support Crysp during this early phase of our company, and I am confident we will have an opportunity to work together in the future. The past few months have proven that the rise of active investing is more than a bull market phenomena, it is a generational shift in consumer preferences; every financial product and category is being re-imagined, and active investing is no exception. Crysp represents the future of the $21T US mutual fund industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to be embarking on this journey together.

Thank you all,


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