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The Crysply News: Stop Losing Money in the Stock Market

Dear friends,

Last week’s update was all about the macro. While the vision and mission that drives us are undoubtedly exciting, there’s nothing I love more than obsessing over the deets; our numbers, our product, and most importantly - our users. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve cranked up our organic marketing engine (aka our Twitter page) close to full capacity. We do this by automatically injecting marketing messages into the content of every post:

With hundreds of thousands of impressions every day across hundreds of automated tweets this allows us to deliver marketing messages directly to our audience of devoted retail investors. By closely monitoring which messages get our audience to click we are able to optimize and increase conversion rate every day. We run three campaigns in parallel and double down on the message that provides the best conversion. Later, we break that message down into its core components to deeply understand what part of what we are selling get’s our users MOST excited.

We’ve had two key findings from these campaigns. The first is that everyone loves social investing. Generally all posts that included some sort of social component (i.e. leaderboard) have shown strong traction. But the more interesting finding, albeit intuitive, is that while everyone loves social investing there is one thing they love 10x more: NOT LOSING MONEY.

*3F = stop losing money campaign

We have consistently seen the strongest conversion rate from messages that revolve around losing less money on investments. It’s not even about making money (a message that no one believes anymore). The millions of retail investors who have made money in 2020 and have lost it all by today are just hungry for a platform that helps them invest (and trade) responsibly. They are eager to learn, and are always looking for tools that can help them become as sharp as institutional investors, without taking away their optionality, decision-making and education.

Crysp continues to double down on this core value proposition. Crysp offers the first combination between Active Stock Picking and Passive Investing in the form of automatically generated “mini-funds” built around every stock purchase: ranging from beta hedging with short positions all the way to auto-sector diversification with complimentary long positions. Crysp combines the gamification and choice of Robinhood with the responsibility and predictability of Index 2.0s, otherwise known as “Direct Indexing”.

As users continue to sign up to our waitlist, we’ve been letting a select few download the beta app - these include financial influencers with 70k+ followers. We continue to remain heads-down and focus on development but are closely monitoring the actions of our early adopters.

Let’s see what this week’s crystal ball (Google Analytics) tells us.


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