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for web 3.0

Crysp is building a web3 native social neobank. Millions of investment managers of all sizes - from social media financial influencers to Fortune 500 investment banks can use Crysp's decentralized financial contracts, defined as Financial NFT's, to offer investment management services directly to investors. 

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The Platform

Through the Crysp app, you can select your asset manager, review portfolio performance ask questions on the fly, and hear directly from your investment team.

The Protocol

Crysp is revolutionizing investing by changing the relationship between asset managers and investors through frictionless, community-driven, and accessible web3 technologies.

Off-chain and On-chain investing

Asset managers invest your capital in digital currencies and NFTs, as well as off-chain assets like real estate, physical art and public equities. 

Easy setup for asset managers

Raise capital in minutes by minting financial NFT's which serve as digital contracts indicating real-time portfolio value.

Guaranteed liquidity

Adjust exposure to asset managers by trading NFT's. Liquidity is guaranteed by a decentralized protocol that collateralizes off-chain assets.
Crysp NFT
Crysp NFT.png

Crysp Community NFT

The 0.5 ETH you spend to mint the Crysp NFT are invested into off-chain securities picked by the Social Algo. Kenny NFT holders receive access to our members-only app that tracks equity holdings of the Crysp Algo. Members can redeem the financial NFT at any time in exchange for the current dollar value of the associated algo portfolio. 

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